As we continue to live with COVID-19, we are aware that some people might be unable to come see us in the clinic or reluctant to go out for their physiotherapy needs. With this in mind, here at The Physiotherapy Centre we are able to give you the option of online consultations with our Chartered Physiotherapists. 


How does it work? 

During your online consultation with your physiotherapist who has specialist knowledge in managing a variety of problems, will discuss in detail with you what your current issue is. The physiotherapist will provide information to you about your condition and possible treatment options, as well as advise and support to help you manage your issue. The physiotherapist will work with you to develop a personalised program and physical activity plan. You should keep going with your exercises and physical activity plan, even after your physiotherapy consultations finish, in order to get the best results.


Online physio consultationAssessment done in the comfort of your own home


So what’s involved?

The most important part of a physiotherapy session is the part we call the “subjective assessment”. This is basically a physiotherapists version of “21 questions”, where we dive into how the problem started, how it’s changed, what are its characteristics and learn about you as a person. We rule out anything serious that may be going on, and start to build a picture of what may be the issue. 

We then move on to the “objective assessment” where we get you to do some simple movements and show us any movements or activities that you are having trouble with. We can then see how you respond to these movements and continue to help us build the picture that we started in the initial interview. Usually in clinic, we would do some hands on assessment but we can adapt this by getting you to help with this. With our guidance, you will be able to do the vast majority of tests we would normally use in clinic and we can also get you to demonstrate the movements are you able to do. The benefit of video calling is that you will be able to see and hear us as we demonstrate through the assessment. 

At this stage, if there is something that we feel warrants further investigation or if we think you need to come in and see us in person, we are able to organise that for you or refer to the appropriate service. Otherwise, we will start to create your plan using some of the exercises and tests we have done already.

Some of the benefits that we have found with video consultations is, as we create your plan of care, you are already in your home environment, which is usually where people are most comfortable. This will help you to feel at ease when you are performing your exercise programme.


But you can’t use your hands in online consultations?  

The best and most up to date research evidence tells us that exercise and physical activity are the most effective physiotherapy treatments to manage most musculoskeletal conditions. Exercise, physical activity and advice to self-manage are the core recommended treatments for ALL people with most conditions. 


If you have any questions about our online consultations, please let us know!